The CrossFit Sports and Health Sciences Institute


The CrossFit Sports and Health Sciences Institute emerged out of the need for a comprehensive response to the global devastation of chronic disease, which accounts for 70 percent of deaths worldwide. The global health, nutrition and medical communities have historically failed to address this crisis. Scientific corruption and the undue influence of industry have resulted in government policies and cultural norms that directly contribute to—rather than reduce—the toll of chronic disease on public health.


  1. Scientific Research
    In response to well-documented and widespread corruption within the current academic and scientific communities, the CrossFit Sports and Health Sciences Institute supports truthful and independent inquiry free from corporate, industry, and commercial influence in the fields of sports and health science. The Institute supports conferences (such as the 2015 CrossFit Conference on Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia), panels, research, and publications on topics across the broad spectrum of public health, including hydration, diet, exercise science and chronic disease.
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  2. Public Education and Advocacy

    The corruption of the sports, health, and nutrition sciences by industry groups has negatively affected public policy and contributed to a global health crisis. The Institute is dedicated to combating deadly misinformation regarding exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices through public education and advocacy campaigns.

    The Institute supports legislation in the interest of public health (such as soda warning labels), resists barriers to health and wellness (such as restrictions and undue regulations placed upon fitness trainers), widely publicizes instances of scientific corruption and industry influence, and provides education and information to the CrossFit community and the public at large on critical public health issues through traditional and social media campaigns.
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  3. Non-Medical Healthcare / CrossFit Physicians Alliance

    The CrossFit Sports and Health Sciences Institute is committed to the practice of non-medical healthcare as a response to chronic disease, based on the scientific evidence that lifestyle choices (diet and exercise) are the greatest contributors to the wellness or sickness of individuals and communities.

    Beginning in 2016, the Institute will house the CrossFit Physicians Alliance, an association of medical doctors dedicated to countering chronic disease through preventative, non-medical health interventions. The CrossFit Physicians Alliance will serve as an advisory board to the Institute, issue consensus statements and articulate the Institute’s positions within the broader medical universe (hospitals, medical universities, etc.), and also provide a healthcare referral network for the CrossFit community.
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