The CrossFit Community Health Fund


The CrossFit Community Health Fund belongs to the CrossFit community, and exists to support the health and fitness causes and local generosity that characterize the CrossFit affiliate community.


  1. Grants and Fundraising Program

    Over the years, CrossFit and the CrossFit Foundation have raised and donated millions of dollars to support public charities and nonprofits associated with the CrossFit community (such as the Fragile X Foundation, Operation Surf and Infant Swimming Resource) and for organizations which are aligned with the Foundation’s mission to improve health (such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Decatur Memorial Hospital and Kirby Medical Center).

    The CrossFit Community Health Fund distributes grants from the Foundation’s designated charitable fund and coordinates and supports select fundraising events (typically in the form of a community CrossFit workout) at the local and national levels.
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  2. Nonprofit Advisory Support
    The Community Health Fund also supports the philanthropic endeavors of individual charities within the CrossFit community by providing the leadership of those charities with opportunities to network and receive fundraising training and programmatic advice. These meetings, currently occurring biannually, strengthen the grassroots element of the CrossFit community’s response to health needs. The Foundation also provides fundraising counsel and training to individual charities on an as-needed basis.
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The CrossFit Foundation

is in the process of establishing an affiliate advisory board to guide and direct the CrossFit Community Health Fund. In 2016 and ongoing, the affiliate advisory board will distribute grants from the Community Health Fund after reviewing requests from qualified charitable initiatives within the affiliate community submitted via the Foundation’s online application.