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CrossFit is a full-service fitness consultancy. We have the tools, materials, staff, and, most importantly, the experience, to introduce, teach, train, and fully implement CrossFit anywhere.

In addition to the CrossFit website, we publish a daily mulit-media magazine, The CrossFit Journal, offer training seminars and certifications, represent athletes and coaches for lecture and seminar appearances, and support a rapidly growing program of CrossFit affiliates who use our training methods worldwide.

Our staff, with our network of law enforcement and military clients and our client agencies, provide ongoing support to assist in effectively implementing our program and to identify and promote best practices after adoption.

Technical questions can best be answered first by searching the site, then by posting questions on the message board, and, sometimes, by asking in the comments for workouts posted on the home page.

Press inquiries will likely find better response if the reporter can demonstrate at least slight awareness of this site and program when contacting us. Press inquiries and interview requests sent by e-mail will be met with greater interest and consideration than those made by phone.

We are a proud and patriotic company of committed professionals whose directors put values before fitness and fitness before business.

CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc.
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