"Confidence is a very fragile thing."
- Joe Montana

We've looked at this information before - here it is again. From "abmat": http://www.qfac.com/exercise_equipment/abmat_3.html




Workout of the Day


Perform two rounds of this circuit.

Run 800 meters.
25 Hip Extensions (Back extensions) on Glute-Ham Developer.
30 Hip Flexions (Sit-ups) on Glute-Ham Developer.
1-Arm Barbell Press 20 reps left and right arm.
Powerclean 1/2 bodyweight 20 reps.

1. 1-Arm Press derives it's impetus from a lateral "shove" of the hip and torso. Do not lean back. Suggest empty bar for first timers.
2. Rest five minutes between rounds.
3. Ten minutes is a good time for each round.

Good Week!


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