The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.

Bobby Knight
(1940-, American Basketball Coach)

Here is a great link on performing the Olympic Lifts and their support movements (complements of our buddy Derek) Click Here

Five sets of the triple,


Back extension

Bench-press 5-10RM

Move methodically, deliberately, with precise SLOW movement. Don't hurry; minimize the cardiovascular quality. This is strength training only! Make each effort a serious challenge.

This is an amazingly complete workout in only twenty-four minutes.

Set-up the rower for intervals of twenty seconds work and ten seconds rest. Set the rower to display meters in the lower window. Go all out on the first effort. On subsequent efforts work to capture as many meters as in the first effort.

In the same interval pattern, 20on/10off X 8,

Squat (air squat).

Same interval pull-ups.

Same interval push-ups.

Same interval sit-ups.

If you transition from one exercise to the next in ten seconds, this is a twenty-minute workout. For all but the best athletes this will be all but impossible.

Transition from one exercise to the next as quickly as you can. One-minute maximum transition break! No ranking will be considered for total time that exceeds twenty-four minutes.

Ranking is based on least number of meters in each of eight rowing intervals, and least reps in each of eight intervals for each of the other four exercises.

Perform your bench press at 5-4-3-2-1 reps. Increase weight at each set. Take long break between sets. Go for max weight at each lift.