"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."
- Michael Jordan

Dr. Siff with some good ab stuff: http://www.sportsci.com/SPORTSCI/JANUARY/upper.htm


6 sets of good mornings, two at 5 reps, two at 3 reps, two at 1 rep
Rest as needed.

As a circuit, with no rest, how many rounds can you complete in 7 minutes of this couplet?
7 dips
7 Good Mornings at moderate load.
Rest as needed.

Stay on bars for two minutes and complete as many dips as you can. Don't come down for two minutes.
Repeat at 90 seconds.
Repeat at 60 seconds.


1. The idea is to not hurry through the opening Good Mornings and the Finishing Dips, yet "mow" through the Dip/Good Morning circuit.
2. Bad form can cripple.