"The belief that you can develop great musculature with isolation movements and without steroids is the bodybuilders pipe dream."

Coach Glassman

For you coaches, Dr. Cornelius maintains that when analyzing athletic movement "exact or precise points of muscle attachments and the technical names for these locations are not essential; in fact, only the line of action is needed. Consequently, a mental image of the muscle location and line of action is quite useful." This is of particular interest to CrossFit because we've long maintained that what wasn't understood about human biomechanics could typically be explained via stick figures and vector force diagrams.


Workout of the Day


Bench press 10-8-6-4-2 reps. Total weight for all five sets and submit with body weight.

Rest as needed before,

How many passes of this circuit can you make in 20 minutes? Count each element (Box jump, Muscle-up, Leg raise) as a single point, so that, for instance, four complete circuits and once more 20 box jumps and one more muscle-up would be 14 points. If you still can't do the muscle-up substitute twenty assisted pull-up and dips.

Box Jump 20" X 20 jumps


Hanging leg raise, toes to bar X10

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