"There is no single sport or activity that trains for perfect fitness. True fitness requires a compromise in adaptation broader than the demands of most every sport."
- Coach Glassman

Goheavy.com's Forums are a valuable source of training information for the Olympic Lifts: http://www.goheavy.com/forums/olympic/.


Perform 30 Muscle-ups in thirty minutes.

1. Have a spotter assist when needed. The idea is to get above the rings at full arm extension with minimal assistance.
2. Two athletes can take turns each completing one muscle-up each minute for thirty minutes.

50 Sit-ups
Tabata Front Squats with Olympic Bar
50 Sit-ups

1. Tabata Interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated for 8 intervals.
2. Rest before and after Tabata Squats.

Perform 3 Rounds of this Couplet:

Bike 1 mile sprint
Clean 20 reps alternating powerclean and squat clean.

1. Power clean is pulling bar to racked position whereas squat clean is pulling yourself down to racked position, i.e., catching high and catching low.
2. Rest as and where needed, but not during cleans.
3. Go all out on sprints.