"Even the strongest have their moments of fatigue." Friedrich Nietzsche

Here is a cheater's version (yet still of extraordinary value) of the one legged squat. The one legged squat has much of the quality of a weightlifting movement but still a calisthenic. http://weww.totalcoaching.com/strength/onelegsquat.html

Stretch: back, hips, legs, chest, shoulders.

Trunk flexion: sit-ups.

Trunk extension: back extension.

Hip flexion: knee ups.

Hip extension: air squats.

Push: dips.

Pull: pull-ups.

Weightlifting: deadlift

Row: 2K meters

Stretch: back, hips, legs, chest, shoulders.

See how tough you can make this workout. This is a high intensity training session. We're just doing one set of each exercise make it a killer! Each set should be a max effort. No resting during set. Rest as needed between exercises.

Report your efforts for feedback. Include times in your workout, but don't include stretch time in total.