"I don't understand how it is that someone with only seven pull-ups could ask me how they could increase their muscle mass or strength. The obvious answer is, "work until you've got thirty pull-ups and you'll come back with five new pounds of lats and biceps alone." This kind of thing is true of squats, deadlifts, push-press, muscle-ups, dips and any other fundamental, functional movements. Athletes regularly working the basic movements never
ask how they can get stronger or bigger they already know."

Greg Glassman - Coach

Here in a letter to The Journal of the American Medical Association Dr's Winett and Carpinelli challenge the proposition that low intensity (long slow distance) exercise affords better health protection than higher intensity exercise.


Workout of the Day


Repeat this circuit for three rounds.

Sit-ups, 25

Thrusters (off 10" box), 25 reps (~25 RM load)

Rope Climb X 3


1) Try this sit-up: touch fingers from opposite hands together behind thighs without touching your legs with your arms, hands, or fingers then lower back to flat on ground with hands overhead.

2) Thruster, as a reminder, is a front squat/push-press. With what percentage of your body weight can you complete the 25 reps?

3) Climb rope in "L" if you're able.

4) Minimize time to completion.

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