"For most bodybuilders, the belt is an unnecessary part of the lifting uniform, one that serves to help a bit in demonstrating strength and that sought after "barn-door lat" look, but does little to help you build strength."

Dr. Ken Leistner

We've once before recommended the Weight Lifting Encyclopedia. This gem should be in every coach and athlete's library. This link is an excellent starting point to consider Olympic Lifting.


Workout of the Day


One Muscle-up per minute for as long as you can go!

Can anyone do one muscle-up per minute for twenty minutes?

How far can you get?


1) A muscle-up is pulling yourself from below the rings to above and dipping to full arm extension. It is an unrivaled move for developing upper body strength.

It is much more difficult than any pull-up or dip and consequently a move of much greater potential for strength development.

2) If you don't have rings, buy them!! Rings have no rival for upper body strength development. If you are serious about your sport/fitness you'll pick some up.

3) We've listed some vendors within the message board.

4) If you can't do a muscle up, see how many pull-ups and dips can you do in an hour?


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