"We also have the cyclers. Born out of the period when the Bulgarians were talking training 3-4 times per day, many coaches got into mini and macro cycles. Sounds impressive and scientific and appeals to academia. Unfortunately, they completely missed the boat about how long and hard and consistently a lifter must train to warrant any sort of backing off period of training. Cycling is best left for the spandex boys with the two wheels under them, birth control, and the washing machine."

Tom Hirtz - Two Time National Weightlifting Champion, American Recorder Holder

MILO ( September 1998)

We don't follow the muscle mags too closely, but this shows that Mr. Phillips is on the right track.


Though the underlying rationale is valid, don't put too much faith in the particulars of the prescription (or any other formula!).

Workout of the Day


Run 800 meters

Deadlift 15-12-9-6-3-1 reps, max load @ each set

Run 800 meters


1) Rest only one minute between first 400 meters and Deadlift.

2) Rest one minute between sets.

3) Start second 400 meters one minute after last Deadlift set.

4) Max efforts on runs and lifts!

5) Submit run times, lift loads, and body weight.


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