"The greatest stumbling block to high intensity training to productive training, is that it's too hard for most people, and that's why many gym members, even those who are serious about getting 'better', never really do. They won't pay the price in terms of dealing with the emotional and physical discomfort, or with the ego bruising effect of using relatively light weights during the actual training periods. They also can't take the heat from their peer group in the gym which says 'That won't work, Arnold didn't do that'."

Dr. Ken E. Leistner

Interesting fitness competition. What is this one missing?


Workout of the Day


Powerclean 15 reps

Tabata Squat (20 secs on 10 secs off X 8 = 4 mins)

Powerclean 15 reps

Tabata Squat

What is the minimum number of squats in any twenty second interval? What percentage of your weight did you powerclean? How long did the workout take?


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