"People who enjoy what they are doing invariably do it well."
- Joe Gibbs

The venerable Dr. Hatfield here describes his training regimen for Evander Holyfield. The great advantage that Dr. Hatfield brought to Evander's game is the realization that boxing is anaerobic not aerobic sport. The periodizaton scheme was of minor import. http://www.sportsci.org/news/news9709/hatfield.html Sadly, what Dr. Hatfield artculates in the first three paragraphs of this article is critical yet not understood by nearly all in the mixed martial arts community.




Workout of the Day


24" Box Jump, 25 reps
25 Pull-ups

22" Box Jump, 25 reps
20 Pull-ups

20" Box Jump, 25 reps
15 Pull-ups

Repeat each of the three couplets.

1. Complete the pull-ups in as few sets as possible.
2. Compare the time for the first three couplets to the second three.


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