"The difference between combat and sports is that in combat you bury the guy that comes in second."

Unidentified Navy SEAL on The Discovery Channel's U.S. Navy Seals II

Dan John on the overhead squat:http://danjohn.org/overhead.html


Overhead Squats:

Start very light and work as a stretch for reps of 5 five times.

Increase weight to 65 lbs for 10 reps.

Add 5 lbs at a time keeping the reps at 10.

How many sets of 10 can you get while increasing the weight each time? ( If you are familiar with the movement you may take greater weight increases.)

Row a good 1000 meters( sub 3:30?)and perform 25 clean dips.

What is your total time to complete 4 rounds?

Power cleans 15 x 95 lb

Jumprope double unders 25 times

20 push-ups

How many rotations in 20 minutes?