"Superficial goals lead to superficial results." Attila the Hun

Rarely does CrossFit endorse a product, though we do endorse and use the AbMat in our program. Today we link to the AbMat site because the science presented here is damned good. Scour this site thoroughly and when you are done you'll know more about your abs than any trainer hanging out at the local gym.


We are due for a little circuit work. Circuit training is an excellent test of your overall fitness. At CrossFit intensities it becomes debilitating. We use it sparingly and go all out! This is "combat" or "getting out of the burning building" fitness.

Decide loads and assistance (if absolutely necessary to get ALL reps) before starting. Be smart, shelve your ego and shoot for rapid completion with NO rest. Submit record of total time, weights for each lift, and assistance (if needed on pull-ups and dips). Set up recording sheet ahead of time. Rip!!

Bike for 3 miles

Twenty ball-squats (20 lb. Med ball)

Twenty push-ups

Twenty pull-ups

Row 500 meters

Box step up (20") with dumbbells, 25 right , 25 left

Bench-press 15 reps

Rope climb

Jump rope 200 jumps

Lunge 20 steps alternating right-left

Push-press 15 reps

Upright row 15 reps

Run 800 meters (app. ½ mile)

Deadlift 15 reps

Twenty dips

Twenty power-cleans

Box Jump (20") 50 jumps

Dumbbell "Thruster" (Deep front squat/push-press) 20 reps

Twenty push-ups

Twenty pull-ups

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