"Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead." Anonymous

Fred Hatfield has great instincts regarding fitness and performance. He is a powerlifting champion but brings valuable insight to our concerns.

If nobody minds, we'll give the legs a little break today-

How many pull-ups can you do in an hour?

Success comes here by pacing and not going to failure on any set. Rankings will be by weight class.

Don't be foolish and fill in with any met-con (cardio) or other work. You don't know what looms! Also, if you're current with the path the other athletes have been following and your intensity has been worthy of your best efforts you are long overdue for a reduced metabolic load.

Our "Workout of the Day" is engineered with great dilligence to care for ALL of your fitness needs. If some days seem too easy that is because workouts either before or coming are tortuous and the backing off is warranted. We are feeding you a regimen that represents the ultimate challenge for the world's best athletes.

If you are concurrently training for sport, like most of our athletes, temper your efforts to allow for successful sport training. This is a learned skill requiring a finely honed sense of self. On the days when your sports training regimen is lighter, tear it up with our strength and conditioning workout. On days when your sports training regimen is tough, moderate your efforts. Many of our athletes are able to engage the "Workout of the Day" right up to and during competition by just "going through the motions" while still "doing" the daily workout.

Again, the "Workout of the Day" is designed to accomodate additional sport training, recreational activity, or stand alone by simply modulating the intensity of your effort. If you need help with this concept email at feedback@crossfit.com and one of our coaches will gladly help you come to terms with this.