"I've never had to cheat. I get 'em with what I got."
- Dave Winfield

J.V. Askem is a regular contributor to Milo and articulate spokesman for the minimalist camp to which CrossFit adheres. http://www.olympus.net/personal/cablebar/index.htm

Front Squat/Push Jerk, 65 lbs. X 3 reps, rest.
Front Squat/Push Jerk, 85X3, 105X3, 125X3, etc.


1. Women and children can start with 45 lbs. and add ten each set.
2. Give yourself one point for each set successfully completed with 3 reps.
3. End with three more reps at the last weight completed with three reps and work your way back down with two more reps (3,5,7,9...) with each reduction in weight all the way back to 65 pounds.