"All of us get knocked down, but it's the resiliency that really matters. All of us do well when things are going well, but the thing that distinguishes athletes is the ability to do well in times of great stress, urgency, and pressure."
- Roger Staubach


Climbing is perfectly functional and draws from the upper body like gymnastics. Here is an article by Neil Gresham on "campusboarding." This is a perfect component to your garage gym. http://www.planetfear.com/climbing/training/neilgresham/ng_campusboarding.htm




Workout of the Day


Ten minute warm-up (bike, run, row, etc.).
Sit-up/Back Extension/Sit-up, 25 reps each completes warm-up.
Deadlift 15-10-5-3-3-3 reps.
Deadlift two minutes without rest.

1. Fifteen and ten rep sets are light warm-up sets. Keep light to max subsequent triples.
2. With each set increase rest. On last three sets, rest as needed for max triples.
3. After last triple, rest as needed to max load on two minute set.


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