"The notion that triathletes are exemplars of fitness is firmly rooted in the common lore. It's hard to find a group of athletes less deserving of this perception and harder yet to dislodge this belief once it has taken root, yet we can plant a seed of doubt in any triathlete in ten minutes of serious athletic training."
- Greg Glassman

We've linked to this information on gymnastics conditioning from another source earlier in the year. You can't have enough exposure to these concepts. Study, practice, learn these drills: one at a time.

Perform three rounds of this couplet for time.

Three muscle-ups
50 sit-ups


1) Perform any sit-up you want.
2) If you're new to the site and don't know what a muscle-up is, you can find it in today's link.
3) If you still can't perform the muscle up. Give us twenty-five pull-ups and twenty-five dips per round.
4) Typically, you'll have the strength for a muscle-up when you can do twenty pull-ups and dips without a pause.