"Suffering isn't ennobling; recovery is."

Christiaan Barnard

Here's some basic rowing physics. The physics of ergometers is included. This is a good brain workout.


Workout of the Day

Let's put some energy in to the five CrossFit Challenges (No's 1-5)

1. Vertical-leap 1/2 your body height.

2. Muscle-up 10 times in a row without touching ground or coming off of the rings.

3. Run 1 mile then complete a single set of bench press at body weight 21 reps, all within 10 minutes.

4. Beat Garth Taylor's 1:25.5 500-meter Row.

5. 21 reps of dumbbell "thrusters" at 1/2 your body weight.

Don't let the enormity of the challenge deter your trying! Make a serious attempt at each challenge and record the result. Save for late comparison. If you cannot do a muscle-up, try anyway; the struggle is more important than the accomplishment.

Daniel Kawika Bennett has achieved number 2, number 4 is Garth Taylor's, and number 5 belongs to Cameron Earle. No one has completed two challenges.

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